Digital savings continue for Transmec Italy, and the environment

Transmec Italy’s digitalization programme is continuing to benefit the environment and drive big efficiency savings.

The ongoing switch from paper saved an estimated 1.7 million sheets during 2021, the equivalent of 200 trees and seven tonnes of CO2. Savings were more than 50 per cent higher than in 2020.

At the same time, more streamlined, re-engineered processes saved four per cent of employee time and cost, enabling team members to be redeployed to higher-value activity.

Benefiting clients as well as employees and suppliers, the digital improvements have included faster billing and Proof of Delivery (POD) availability, as well as quicker approval for invoices.

“There are advantages for everyone, and colleagues have embraced the changes, often making their own suggestions, which is great,” explained Lucia Grassi, group operations manager.

“Building on the successes to date, we’re planning to digitalize further key documents and we’ll be rolling out the new processes to benefit all Transmec companies across Europe. We’re looking forward to seeing the results.” 

Progetto di digitalizzazione