Customs team smooths the passage of freight between the EU and UK

Transmec’s customs team is making its services available to external clients following a highly-successful start to the post-Brexit trading era.

Working on behalf of Transmec’s freight customers throughout the EU, the UK-based team has cleared tens of thousands of shipments since the new rules came into force at the beginning of the year.

Now employing 20 people, the branch is offering its expertise to other businesses requiring a customs clearance solution.

“We’ve worked hard to adjust to the new trading terms and to ensure everything is in place to meet customs requirements,” said manager, Ian Davis.

“Our plan has always been to open up the customs service to others and we look forward to helping thousands more EU and UK companies continue to trade with each other.”

Providing a one-stop freight transport solution, Transmec continues to run daily road services between the UK and mainland Europe with some trucks double-manned for express delivery.

“The UK and the EU are vitally-important partners, and we remain committed to facilitating ongoing trade,” explained Transmec Group CEO, Danilo Montecchi.

“The UK customs team is playing a critical role and has done a fantastic job for Transmec. I have no doubt that it will prove invaluable to other businesses too.”

Transitano facile tra la UE e il Regno Unito