Celebrating eight years of Transmec's Oradea Terminal

Transmec Group celebrates 8 years of operations at the Intermodal Vest Oradea terminal in Romania, highlighting sustainable rail-based logistics handling over 200,000 units.

This private intermodal terminal, a joint investment by Transmec and P&O Ferrymasters, stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and innovative logistics solutions.

Situated in Oradea, Romania, the Intermodal Vest Oradea terminal has emerged as a pivotal hub in the European logistics network. It offers environmentally friendly, rail-based intermodal connections, bridging the gap between Western and Eastern Europe.

This approach not only reduces carbon emissions but also supports the sustainability goals of numerous businesses relying on these services.

Over the past eight years, the Group has managed an impressive throughput at the terminal, handling over 200,000 units. Carrying a diverse range of cargo, these units include containers, swap bodies, tank containers, and huckepack trailers.

The terminal’s robust infrastructure and strategic location have significantly contributed to its efficiency and high handling capacity.

Through its own trains, Transmec has established vital links connecting Oradea with major logistics hubs across Europe: Zeebrugge in Belgium, Piacenza in Italy and Lodz in Poland.

In addition to its own routes, the terminal also accommodates trains from other clients, enhancing its connectivity further. These additional routes link Oradea with several key German cities such as Stuttgart, Herne, Kaldenkirchen, and Duisburg, as well as extending into Ukraine.

"Over the past eight years, we have continuously strived to meet the evolving needs of our clients providing them with reliable and efficient logistics solutions. The dedication and hard work of our team have been crucial in making the terminal a key player in the European logistics network," explains Ciprian Stiubea, Intermodal Manager.

Danilo Montecchi, Transmec's CEO, adds: "As we celebrate this remarkable eight-year milestone, we remain steadfast in our commitment to progress. Looking ahead, our vision is clear: to broaden our network, enrich our services, and play an even more pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future for European logistics."

Il terminal Transmec ad Oradea festeggia 8 anni di attività