Brexit – new customs arrangements for EU-UK trade

Transmec is ready to manage customs arrangements for future trade between the EU and UK and is willing to collaborate with the clients to coordinate necessary actions to be taken and interpret the new situation properly.

Regardless of whether a UK-EU trade deal is agreed, new customs arrangements will come into effect from January 1st and all customers will need to provide additional information for every shipment.


  • Authorized Consignor/Consignee status for all branches in Italy and the UK – meaning that you can appoint us as your agent for quicker, easier customs management. For clarity, we recommend granting your mandate with Power of Attorney for Transmec to manage customs on your behalf.

  • Dedicated customs clearance teams, which support all our branches, based at our headquarters in Campogalliano (MO) and in the UK. 

  • Approved Temporary Storage (TST) in all our warehouses in Italy – enabling non-EU goods to be stored for up to 90 days before being bound to a customs procedure.

  • External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSFs) at our UK depots – these approved customs clearance areas enable shipments to be fast-tracked, since the procedures can be managed without transiting through UK ports and avoiding possible delays and complications.

  • Customs Warehousing in Campogalliano and Milano’s branches in Italy.

  • Transmec Italy and Transmec UK are both trusted operators that hold Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status, including AEOF accreditation in the UK.

  • In all other Transmec branches across Europe our subsidiaries cooperate with dedicated trusted customs agencies and are able to arrange full customs formalities for customers.


For all export bookings between the EU and UK Transmec will require a commercial invoice sent electronically that contains the following: 

  • Consignor’s EORI number 

  • Consignee's EORI number

  • A full description of goods being sent

  • Value and terms of shipment which will also need to state if customs clearance is prepaid or needs to be collected from the consignee

  • Tariff/Commodity/HS Codes 

  • Total gross weight

Please help us to prepare and avoid any potential issues by providing this information for each shipment from now on.

If full shipment details, including the number of packages, weight and volume, are not presented on the invoice then these need to be shown on a separate packing list.

Thank you for your assistance. Any updates will be communicated when we receive further details from the EU or UK Government.

Brexit: nuovi accordi doganali per gli scambi commerciali UE-Regno Unito