Annual Meeting 2023: Innovation, Education and Sustainability, guiding forces for the new year

Transmec Group concluded a successful year with its traditional annual meeting, now in its 27th edition.

Addressing around 100 attendees from across Transmec’s international network, Group CEO Danilo Montecchi reflected on a strong performance, which will pave the way for ongoing investment.

“We are very positive as we approach 2024,” he said.

Responding to global market challenges throughout 2023, the Group demonstrated remarkable resilience and flexibility in meeting the needs of both existing and new clients.

Throughout the year, multi-sector transport and logistics operations once again proved to be a strategic strength, spanning a broad range of industries such as fashion, automotive, and grocery.

Keeping pace with the demands of e-commerce, the Group developed advanced logistics solutions, including the fast management of returns.

Success was also fuelled by innovative and flexible approaches for retailers, such as overnight deliveries and pre-retail logistics, demonstrating a continued commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of the market.

Aligning with the trend for nearshoring, Transmec has already started the process to acquire TNA Cargo, providing companies with the opportunity to benefit from faster and more cost-effective transportation from production sites in North Africa compared to China and the Far East.

With five branches across India, the Group is also well placed to support trade to and from the fast-growing market.

Looking to the future, Transmec Group will maintain its commitment to sustainability through concrete actions, focusing on the implementation of intelligent and ecological logistics and transportation solutions.

Technological advances and the ongoing digitalisation process will be further implemented and accompanied by targeted investments in process optimisation, Business Intelligence and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

People continue to be a central focus of the Group, which inaugurated the Transmec Academy earlier in the year delivering 7100 hours of training for both internal and external staff.

Danilo Montecchi added: “Our dream was to create an academy to teach our people and young people from schools. It is very important for the future of the company. Our aim is to attract and keep the best talent and create a lasting competitive advantage."

Meeting fine anno - Transmec Group