An extraordinary journey: 33-metre muffle from Italy to Belgium

Handling every detail with care and precision, Transmec demonstrates its expertise in oversized transport.

From Cremona, the industrial heart of Lombardy, an extraordinary journey began: the transportation of a 33-metre-long alloy steel muffle for sheet metal heat treatment, destined to cross international borders and reach Belgium.

An out-of-the-ordinary endeavour made possible thanks to Transmec Group’s experience.

Transporting such a special cargo required meticulous organization, an art in which Transmec proved to be a master,” explained Ileana Franzosi, Transmec Group’s Sales Representative Air & Ocean Division.

From planning the itinerary to selecting the most suitable means of transportation to managing complex permits to cross national borders, every detail was handled with precision.

The challenges were numerous: the muffle's dimensions and weight, 33 metres x 20 tonnes approximately, necessitated the use of specialized vehicles, in addition to planning night-time routes to minimize traffic impact and ensure cargo safety,” stated Gaia Malvezzi, Inside Sales Air & Ocean Division.

Completing the journey smoothly, the muffle arrived punctually at its destination in Genk, at a company specializing in the processing of iron and steel.

With its fleet of over 150 specialized vehicles, Transmec has once again demonstrated its ability to tackle any oversized cargo transportation challenge. From industrial machinery to automotive prototypes, from electronic components to agricultural machinery, Transmec stands out for its ability to deliver any type of cargo with maximum efficiency and safety.

Hajar Chahboun, Branch Manager & Trade Lane Manager Air & Ocean Division, added:

"Oversized transport needs go beyond simple road haulage. That's why we've expanded our solutions to include abnormal load transport services by sea and air.

"We are also considering setting up a project department made up of highly qualified professionals in the planning and execution of complex shipments to meet the most demanding needs of our customers."

Trasporto eccezionale: muffola di 33 metri dall’Italia al Belgio - Transmec Group