A green lung for Romania

Transmec Romania, along with over 2000 volunteers, creates a forest in Bihor County: 20,000 trees for a greener future.

For the second consecutive year, Transmec Romania reaffirms its commitment to reforestation by participating in the initiative "O pădure de la zero" (A forest from scratch) in Bihor County.

The event, involving over 2,000 volunteers, saw the planting of 20,000 trees, a collective effort that has made a tangible impact in the region.

Volunteers, organized into groups from various backgrounds, including Transmec Romania, dedicated themselves passionately and diligently to planting oaks, cherries, and ashes on a previously unused four-hectare plot of land.

The initiative, part of the broader national project "Plantăm Speranță" (Planting Hope), aims not only to restore natural ecosystems and promote biodiversity but also to raise awareness within the community about the importance of preserving environmental heritage for future generations.

Reflecting on the significance of this initiative, Emanuel Barboni, Branch Manager of Transmec Romania, stated:

"Participating in this campaign has been a privilege. We believe it is our duty to actively contribute to environmental protection and sustainability promotion, and this represents a tangible way to fulfil this commitment."

Employees at all levels are benefiting from their involvement, with Ioana Preda, HR Specialist at Transmec Romania, adding:

"This initiative allows us to play our part in safeguarding the environment while offering a unique opportunity to engage our employees in activities that have a positive impact on communities and the world around us."

Reforestation efforts have not only connected the local community with nature but have also contributed to creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for all.

The ultimate goal is to leave a legacy of natural beauty and environmental awareness for future generations, and Transmec Romania is proud to be part of this important process of change.

Un polmone verde per la Romania - Transmec Group