Logistics Milan: the new Transmec hub

Combining innovation and sustainability, the future of your supply chain starts here.

Nuovo magazzino logistico Truccazzano (Milano)

We provide 25,000 m2 of warehouse space for goods storage in Milan, designed according to the highest technical standards and ensuring maximum functionality with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Strategically positioned, it offers tangible advantages for goods storage and import-export operations at national and international levels.

Our services for logistics, transportation, and warehousing in Milan

Our extensive know-how is reflected in a diverse range of logistics and transportation services specially configured to adapt to the specific needs of various sectors, including automotive, fashion, grocery, hi-tech, manufacturing, sports and wellness, publishing, and furniture.

Nuovo magazzino logistico Truccazzano (Milano) - Servizi

Asset-, information- and organisational management

Integrated management of physical assets to maximise the smooth flow of incoming and outgoing movements and constant data interchange between information systems.


Short and long-term goods storage

With racking for 30,000 pallets.


Multi-sector and multi-channel logistic solutions

Last-mile deliveries, just-in-time distribution, pick, pack and fulfilment services, stock control, re-work and quality checking.


Advanced automation

Highly efficient bin-to-person warehouse management systems.


Specialised skills

For technologically-advanced and custom-made solutions, capable of effectively addressing highly-complex requirements.


European warehouse network

Robust logistical and strategic infrastructure on a continental scale.


Transport and distribution

Customers benefit from access to Transmec Group’s 40-strong branch network and warehouses across Europe and North Africa.

Green warehouse in Milan

By combining operational efficiency and a commitment to the environment, we are the partner that makes your supply chain more sustainable.

Nuovo magazzino logistico Truccazzano (Milano) - Sostenibilità

Landscape integration

Careful selection of facade and roofing colours, designed to harmonise with the surrounding natural context.


Green roof

2,800 square metres of green roofing to promote biodiversity.


Photovoltaic system

A 10 kW photovoltaic system is currently operating for self-consumption in offices and changing rooms. It will undergo further expansion in the near future.


LED lightning system

An integral part of our energy efficiency strategy, it ensures high-quality lighting with minimal environmental impact.


Electric forklifts and order pickers

With progressive replacement of lead batteries with lithium batteries.


LEED Gold certification

Certification in the process of being obtained, recognised for buildings that demonstrate excellence in terms of environmental sustainability and eco-friendly construction practices.

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