Intermodal transport

The best solution for transporting large quantities of goods over long distances, with particular benefits for the environment

The service

Combined road-rail-ferry transport is the best solution for those who need to transport large quantities of goods over long distances.
It ensures greater flexibility, additional safety of goods and a lower environmental impact.
Fuel cost fluctuations and imbalances between supply and demand, linked to peak seasons, driver and vehicle shortages, can all be avoided with this type of transport, as prices remain stable all year round.

Our advantages

Trasporto intermodale - Transmec Group


Multiple regular weekly departures, collection and shipping without transshipment.


Significantly shorter transit times as there are no driving bans/restrictions on weekends or holidays.


All-year-round availability and deliveries guaranteed even in unexpected events, thanks to rail-road interchangeability. Our reliability is ensured by 800 owned huckepack semi-trailers, as well as 2500 containers and 150 mobile containers.

Owned terminals

Our own railway terminals connected to our hub in Romania, with an extensive network of offices and specialised staff. Continuous investments in energy enhancement.

Company Trains

Direct management and responsibility of our trains maximises control over each journey.


Anti-theft satellite system installed inside containers and special anti-theft bars to prevent opening; constant traceability and direct monitoring from the Transmec railway terminal.

Management of hazardous goods

Capacity to ship and manage all main ADR/RID goods classified as hazardous.

Low environmental impact

Saving of 0.83 kg of CO2/km: 0.88 kg of CO2/km by road, compared to just 0.05 kg of CO2/km consumption by rail.

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