Full truckload (FTL) transport

A single solution for moving your goods in a full truck load.

The service

The Full Truck Load (FTL) service consists of the client's use of a full truck for the direct transport of goods to a single recipient.
The huge advantage of this type of transport is that it minimises transfers; it is the ideal solution for those who must transport large quantities of goods as it provides a highly direct, rapid and safe service.
Our FTL services are available to/ from all European cities, with competitive transit times and specific know-how for each industrial sector.

Our advantages

Trasporto FTL - Transmec Group

Daily departures

Daily departures 365 days a year, 7 days a week, holidays included; we also provide direct import/export services to all European nations.

Express transport

Rapid 12/24/48h delivery with two drivers.

Extensive fleet on land

Owned vehicles, qualified carriers, all types of semi-trailers: tautliners (standard and mega trailers), box-trailers, containers and swap-bodies, all with craneable (huckepack) option. Semi-trailers fitted-out to meet specific sector requirements.


Constant traceability of vehicles thanks to satellite monitoring with FleetVisor system.

All Risk cover

Option of all risk insurance cover for goods, in addition to normal statutory CMR cover.

In-house customer service

Internal customer service that is not outsourced to call centres, and Track&Trace service of goods with reserved area for each customer.

Customs operations

We provide direct import/export services to all European nations and we take care of all necessary procedures for the shipment of goods to their destination.

Tailored services

Transport with predefined time windows and the use of semi-trailers positioned at production centres, to optimise internal spaces, loading and unloading times.

Exceptional transport

We provide tailored solutions for loads that exceed standard dimensions.

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