Abnormal Loads

The ideal solution for all companies that need to transport goods by road that exceed the dimensions or weight limits set by highway regulations.

Abnormal Loads: the service

Exceptional transport represents the optimal choice for companies that need to move goods by road that exceed highway size or weight limits.
With over 150 vehicles of various types available, we are able to carefully and competently manage exceptional transports throughout Italy and Europe, including machine tools, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, car prototypes, and transformers.
We take care of choosing the right itinerary, thanks to our knowledge of the roads and their actual navigability at the time of shipment, and of requesting permits: indispensable prerequisites for delivering on agreed-upon times.
We are ready to quickly respond to every request for special transport, customizing our service so that it perfectly meets the specific needs of each customer.

Special transport: Transmec’s advantages


Constant vehicle tracking via satellite with Fleetvisor system.

Customer Service

Internal customer service not outsourced to call centres. Assistance services and product installation, retrieval of returns/empties with specialized personnel.
Track & Trace service of goods with customer-specific reserved area.

Special cargo management

Handling of perishable goods, dangerous goods, temperature-controlled items, oversized cargo, and hanging garments.

Customs operations

We take care of all the necessary procedures to ship the goods to their destination.

Tailored service

We customize our service so that it perfectly meets the specific needs of each customer.

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