How we work

What sets us apart from the rest is our unique and distinctive approach in tackling challenges.

Come lavoriamo - Transmec Group

Customised solutions

The ability to design effective solutions is a distinctive quality of Transmec: we seamlessly combine logistics and transport to overcome even the most intricate challenges of companies operating on international markets, or those that embrace multichannel as their strategy. We are guided by five key principles:

Soluzioni personalizzate trasporti e logistica

Listen and interpret

Thorough understanding of the beneficiaries of our new logistics and transport solutions and the nature of the experience we intend to create for the customer are the key to defining objectives to be achieved.


Let the numbers do the talking

Supply chain improvement and efficiency enhancement goals are numbers that are better than those of today. The reasons for unsatisfactory performance levels are often hidden in the numbers.


Providing the right skills

No service design operation can be delivered without the necessary specialised skills. With its repertoire of over 40 codified operations, in addition to those of its IT partners and external professionals.


Designing customer experience

An in-depth understanding of who must benefit from new logistics and transport solutions, and the kind of customer experience we wish to generate, requires an awareness of the targets that need to be spearheaded.


Tailored pioneering

A new integrated logistics and transport solution materialises in a "prototype" and becomes an organised and functioning process through patient fine-tuning, actively involving the client company.

Intelligent transport

Growing as extensively and quickly as Transmec Group requires the sharing of our know-how and excellent supporting technology, the kind that can't be bought on the market, developed in years of experience in the field. Proof of this can be found in many recent examples:


​Developing our own software

One example is the development of T-Brexit, the system that manages the exchange of information between customs assistance systems (CAS) and Transmec offices, speeding up operations and drastically reducing errors in customs procedures.


Upgrading the Transmec control room

Located in Oradea in Romania and active 24/7, it optimises vehicles by limiting empty kilometres and controls all our transports in real time, reducing thefts to practically zero and improving CO2 emissions.


Intermodal solutions by rail

Design and management of Europe-wide intermodal rail solutions are underpinned by continuous investments in our rail terminals.


Logistics 5.0

Increasing automation of our logistics and progressive robotisation of picking and packing lines with the addition of specific services such as the application for quality control.


Integrated traffic management

After the recent acquisition of TNA Cargo, the integrated management of traffic to and from North Africa has become of fundamental importance in order to optimise the efficiency of operations and guarantee a competitive service.


Business Intelligence

Developed to monitor KPIs and performance of customer shipments, it allows a detailed view of operations, allowing us to identify any critical issues and areas for improvement.


Data connections

Continuous integration with customers/suppliers through data exchange connection systems that increase the efficiency of shipment management.


First and last mile

The creation of a Transmec webapp for the management of the first and last mile which allows us to optimize our planning.

Work in progress

Transmec's digital transformation is accelerating with many open construction sites: for online and real-time access to our control dashboards, for workflow automation and complete digitisation of document management, for the standardisation of labelling and packaging, but also for the development of e-learning platforms for the growth and intergenerational transfer of our skills.