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Thurrock depot launches 24hour operation

Transmec’s UK customers are benefiting from a move to 24-hour working at our West Thurrock depot which is designed to avoid delays to their deliveries.

The new night shift has been launched to overcome delays to incoming loads caused by issues at Calais.
Running from 10pm to 6am Sunday to Thursday, the shift means goods can still be unloaded for delivery across the UK the following day, even if there’s a delay relating to the Channel crossing.

Deputy depot manager Andi Hannay said: “The problems at Calais were having an impact but the new shift now provides an important buffer.
“With sophisticated tracking on all our trucks, our transport team is able to identify any trucks that face issues at Calais and put plans in place to unload them at a later time.
“Whether it’s a single load or groupage service, the change is great news for customers who will continue to get their deliveries on time.”