Shipments to/from Argentina

We have specialised in transport and logistics since 1850.

Supported by specialist personnel throughout our global branch network, we work with the leading sea and air freight companies to ensure our own high quality standards are met, with regular shipments to Argentina from all European countries and vice versa.

We are able to act as your sole partner for registering the shipment, arranging collection and managing the shipment documentation, working through a network of owned bonded warehouses and terminals.

Our services

  • Sea freight
  • Air freight

Our benefits

We offer weekly departures from and to Argentina, guaranteeing a capillary distribution through all the country. Benefits include:

  • Owned bonded warehouses
  • Customs clearance and VAT deposit
  • Document advisory service (including letters of credit)
  • Handling of special loads: dangerous/perishable goods, temperature-controlled, non-standard, hanging garments
  • Door-to-door deliveries
  • Native speaker support and consultancy from the shipment’s origin to its destination
  • One-day delivery: air shipment delivery in one day, worldwide

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